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10 No-Fuss Ways to Figuring Out Your Rainbow Play Sets

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Rainbow Play Sets?

A lot of these are  really hard to tell on line number one  the swing set is made from one of three  different types of wood number two.the  deck height is at least five feet high  number three.

rainbow play sets

The swing beam is a solid  four by six rainbow play sets  inch piece of wood number  four the a-frame is made of two four by  four pieces of wood number five it has  pre-drilled holes number six.

It has at  least  year warranty number seven  it’s going to cost you at least fifteen  hundred dollars let’s go digging deeper  now okay so number one in the top seven  things that make up a quality swing set .

The Best Kept Secrets About Rainbow Play Sets

the would most swing sets are made rainbow play sets up of  three major types of wood cedar redwood  and premium preserved pine all quality swing sets are made from one of these.

Three types of wood the majority of wooden swing sets today are made from cedar cedar is extremely durable and It is the most cost-effective Rainbow Play Sets  wood for  these playsets even higher-end wooden  swing sets are made from the two  remaining woods premium preserved pine  and redwood for more information  comparing these three types of wood.

You  can click on the link to the blog post  here in the video okay so number two in  the top seven things that make up a  quality wooden swing set the deck height  the deck height is The height in feet  from the ground rainbow play sets to the bottom of the  deck on a swing set most sets that are  in the  and under price range  have a -foot deck height majority of  play sets about either a four foot five  foot or six foot deck height but .